The whole Pawpple family genuinely wishes all of you the best in this hard period!

We really hope all of you and all of your friends and family are alright and we are sending all of you much strength!

We are all experiencing situations we have never been into before. Borders are closed, supplies of essential goods are limited, a lot of us can´t go to work and we can´t do a lot of the things we love to do.

But if we all stay at home now and spend time with our loved ones we will be able to stop the fast spreading of the Virus and we will safe a lot of lives and get through this as fast as possible! 

The best things we all can do now is to stay at home, wash our hands as much as we can, sneeze and cough into our armpits and don´t panic. 

Together, we will all get through this!


Unfortunately, we are also facing a lot of issues due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Due to this issues some of our orders will be delayed and we want to genuinely apologize for that! We know this is causing some of you a lot of inconveniences and that was definitely not our intention! 

We really appreciate the support of so many of you and we want to thank you for the patience some of you have with us in this period!


Stay safe and stay home!