Get an Affiliate/Referral Partner

We have officially just launched our new Affiliate program! (Please Note: The affiliate program is currently unavailable, if you want to join please contact us at

If you want to earn some money with your social media account, your own website or any other way you are able to reach people, our Affiliate program is just perfect for you! 

You want to start earning money right away? Simply click on this button: 


But if you want to know all the details, you can read the article below!


1. What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is a person who promotes something for a company to get a commission every time they create a sale for the company. In your case, you would promote our brand on social media, your own website, or wherever you want. The opportunities are endless! With every successful purchase you created for us, you get a commission of 15%! You get the commission on every product, not only on the ones you have promoted for us. For example, it is a great way to make the first money with your Instagram account.


2. How much money can I earn and how do I get paid?

For every purchase of a customer who came to our website because of your promotion, we will give you 15% of the whole purchase. So for example, if somebody buys something for $50, we will give you $7,5 as your commission, and that would have been only from one customer!
We will pay out your earnings via PayPal within 1-7 business days to your registered email address.


3. How do you know that I promoted the sale?

1. You will get your own Affiliate link for our website. If someone enters our website through your link we will track that with cookies (30 day duration) and you will get a commission for the sale (even if the customer buys after 30 days).
2. You will get your own discount code for your audience. Every time someone uses your code to purchase something from us, you will get your commission.
Example: You can promote your personal link or discount code on your social media accounts or your on your website.
4. Where do I get marketing material from?
After you signed up for our Affiliate program you will get access to our exclusive provided marketing material. You can use this material to promote our products, it works very good. But you can still use your own material and words to promote our products if you want, it is up to you.


If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us per email at