Automatic Pawppy Pet Feeder™

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Color: Graphite Gray

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TIME FRAME: The Automatic Pawppy Pet Feeder™ has a time adjustable function. Select a time at which you would like to feed your pet. The Pet Feeder will open up at this time, revealing an inside shell from which your pet can eat.

FOOD CHOICES: To make sure it does not overeat, the portions are rationed. You can also choose from various inside shells that, according to food choices and time settings, rotate from within the food circle. Automatic Pawppy Pet Feeder Stylish Pet Food Time Adjustable Easy Cleaning Food Bowl

HEALTH: The rotating shells open at specific times which means one meal is eaten at a time. This way your pet will remain healthy, active, will not suffer from overweight issues and develop a health motivated eating pattern without even knowing. 

EASY CLEANING: It’s easy to wash clean, and then it can be filled with new food right away. It washes easily and fast, making daily food supplies more hygienic, fast and simple. Automatic Pawppy Pet Feeder Stylish Pet Food Time Adjustable Easy Cleaning Food Bowl

REDOUBLED HAPPINESS: Your cat or your dog no longer have to wait for you to come home. They will be happier. And so will be you.

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How many meals can the Automatic Pawppy Pet Feeder™ hold?

The Automatic Pawppy Ped Feeder™️ can hold up to 6 meals. 6 giant food bowls ensure that your pet will never be hungry.

When will the device open the food bowls so my pet can eat?

You can fully adjust when the Automatic Pawppy Ped Feeder™ will open each food bowl. Just set up the timer to when you want to open each food bowl.

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We are currently facing a very high order volume which is causing some minor shipping delays. During this short period your order will arrive within 7-24 business days in the USA. We offer free worldwide shipping. For more information you can check out our shipping policy.

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